Robert LAMAR has devoted much of his life to the study and understanding of magic, hypnosis, memory training and parapsychology. Born in the province of Ontario, Canada, he developed an interest in this specialized field at a very early age. When he was just six he started learning the art of magic through trick packages he ordered from magic catalogues. When he was only twelve he saw one of the world's truly great entertainers, The Impossibilist, Peter Reveen. This event captivated the young Robert and he was further drawn by the power to perform and entertain. He eventually met Reveen and the friendship they established has endured for many years. He has also spent many years studying the allied arts, specifically mesmerism, hypnotism and magic as a performance art. His studies led him to the conclusion that the field he wished to enter was not one of formal hypnotism but that of a highly focused state of attention through which he could tap into a person's natural creativity. This was the formative basis for developing Theatre of the Mind.

Robert Lamar, in addition to more than twenty years devoted to the study of his craft, is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (I.B.M.), a member of the Society of American Magicians and is also a member of the International Magic Society. The I.B.M. is the largest organization of its kind in the world. Membership is achieved only through sponsorship and Robert Lamar's sponsor into the society was provided by his very good friend and mentor, Peter Reveen. Thousands of Canadians have been amazed and entertained by Theatre of the Mind through live shows and appearances on both CTV and CBC television. This is the signature of the most consistently praised hypnotic attraction.

The Show You Will Never Forget

Theatre of the Mind presents a tremendous collection of truly fascinating yet totally unrehearsed performances by volunteer audience members under the guidance of LAMAR. These volunteers become the stars of this expertly produced presentation that should not be confused with what many would consider traditional hypnosis. Throughout Theatre of the Mind, LAMAR invites his audience into a world where he encourages volunteers to enter a highly focused state of attention. Perhaps, for the first time in their lives, participants let their hidden personalities leap to their full potential as LAMAR masterfully taps into their unexplored creativity. Volunteers may assume the persona of popular icons like Elvis Presley, Oprah Winfrey or Madonna. All of these pseudo stars may share the stage with another volunteer preoccupied with capturing a six foot grasshopper in one of many hilarious scenes.

The performances of the audience volunteers are completely unrehearsed. In fact, as Theatre of the Mind unfolds, it is very difficult to believe the participants are simply audience members. Because of this, each performance of Theatre of the Mind is totally unique. Every show is a one of a kind experience. In addition, a technically clever combination of music, lighting and special effects combine to create a modern show that appeals to today's audiences.

Theatre of the Mind is an original and a professional family show. Volunteers are not embarrassed or humiliated and all in attendance benefit from LAMAR's two decades of study and experience in this specialized art. This is certainly one of Canada's most consistently acclaimed hypnotic attractions. Audiences are certain to be amazed whenever they enter Theatre of the Mind.

What They Say

"Robert LAMAR is brilliantly creative. His mind can adjust to anything and it can adjust very quickly. I told him once that he shows a tremendous range of abilities. I told him that he should consider using his creative abilities for his own career in this style of stage entertainment."

Peter Reveen - The Man They Call Reveen

"LAMAR definitely deserves praise for the professionalism of his shows and the respect he has for his subjects. He will not do anything to embarrass or degrade anyone. His knowledge of this craft is incredible and he will definitely be able to fill the gap left by The Great Reveen."

Jody Waugh - The Argosy, Mount Allison University

"LAMAR is one of those extraordinary entertainers who immediately captures his audience with his humour, wit and stage presence, carrying you through a performance filled with uncontrolled laughter and fun. A truly professional performance for young and old."

Ken Alexander - CEO, Harvey's Restaurant Corporation

"He dazzled the audience with his presentation."

The Daily Gleaner

"The heir apparent to The Man They Call Reveen."

The Weekly News

"Fantastic, tremendous, spectacular entertainment for all age groups. Don't miss this fabulous show. LAMAR will keep you on the edge of your seat with your sides aching from the laughter. This spectacular performance will leave you in a state of awe with his hypnotic powers. A night of entertainment you won't soon forget."

Jean Fairweather - The National Exhibition

"LAMAR's Theatre of the Mind is by far the most original and innovative live show that I have ever had the opportunity to book."

Fraser Gould - VP Student Affairs, Saint Mary's University

"Your performance was incredible! It is a show that I will always remember."

Jennifer Parsons - Marketing Director, Lung Association of Newfoundland

"Your performance, in one word - amazing. I cannot remember the last time I've laughed so hard. My sides are still sore from laughing so much."

Steve Russell - Cabot Marketing

"LAMAR forces back the curtain of the mind. The show is not only hilarious but also quite revealing in terms of the unexplored potential of the mind."

Patrick Shaunessy - The Gazette


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