Montreal born Marty Reno spent most of his childhood growing up with his aunt and uncle on their Prince Edward Island farm. He nurtured his love for country music listening to radio stations like WSM and WWVA, Wheeling, West Virginia into the wee hours of many mornings. He purchased his first guitar when he was nine years old and has made music and entertainment his life ever since. Marty is a seasoned entertainer with many years experience encompassing television, radio, stage, film and recording. His television credits include the Nashville Television Network, the Tommy Hunter Show, the Moe Koffman Special and the Ian Tyson Show. He was the bandleader on Rocky Mountain Inn which aired in Canada on CTV , in the United States on NBC and throughout the United Kingdom on Thames Television. He appeared on stage in theatre productions produced by the Ship's Company Theatre, Neptune Theatre and the Prince Edward Island Theatre Company.

Marty met songwriter Gene MacLellan at a Southport, PEI bar in 1972 and began a collaboration that lasted throughout the decade. It resulted in an album release entitled "Gene and Marty" in 1976. He has performed all over Canada, the United States, the Caribbean and Europe. Spending a winter in Greece allowed him to write many new songs to add to his original repertoire.

Marty Reno has been touring with Hank Williams: The Show He Never Gave since 1988. The show ran extensively throughout the Maritimes that year and returned to the region briefly during the summer of 1993. Marty hopes to bring the show back to Atlantic Canada soon and duplicate the success it enjoyed during its last run. Marty Reno seems the perfect actor for the role of Hank Williams. During a club date with his own band a number of years ago, a young couple asked if he knew any songs by Randy Travis. "No," said Marty, "but here's one by Hank Williams. He was a favorite of Randy Travis."

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